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Design Enterprises of San Francisco

Chemo Caps
by Jane Logan & Don McCunn

 Circular Crown Chemo Cap    Beanie Chemo Cap    Child's PomPom Chemo Cap
Circular Crown Cap
Beanie Cap
Child's PomPom Cap

The patterns and instructions for these three caps were created for the Chemo Cap program of the Craft Gym in San Francisco. This program was a free community crafting event where people came in to knit, crochet, and sew Chemo Caps. The caps were then donated to the adult and children's oncology units at UCSF Hospital's Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Craft Gym no longer exists.

The construction of a cap takes approximately half an hour. To download the instructions and patterns in PDF format, click the button below.

PDF Download Time
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Copyright © 2006 by Donald H. McCunn